Were are You

Am I the only one not on Holiday??? :laughing: :laughing: I know the the Ducatisti site is now up and running but were are you.

I’m here!.. :smiley:
But I’m of to the Southern in a bit!

Good for you Kevin, hope you two have/had a good time.

I’m now back from Cornwall :slight_smile:

I’m here listening in. Busy riding and working in garage, to much to do so little time.

So many bikes to polish !!!

well im here :smiley:

O.K so we now have five of us, so what do we talk :smiley: about??

Have we all gone into hiberantion :wink: ??? now is a good time to start planing you events for 2012

Already started planning Horsham Piazza Italia for 2012 :wink:

I know, Have started planing next years Holiday

well i find ducatis and cider good topics, and im very enthusiastic about both :smiley: :wink:

good subjects to talk about … :wink:

We have a great Cider warehouse on the A27 just out side Eastbourne, could stay all day trying out the different types. mind you would not be able to drive home after. :smiley:

My dentist suggested that I stopped drinking soooo much cider when the enamal on my teeth started to rot away.
He also said that if I did drink it occasionally I shoud eat cheese with it, because the cheese would counteract against the acid in the cider.
Cider/Scrumpy drinking down 'ere in the West country cause lots of problems with teeth, so much so that my dentist has a “Cider drinkers” list.

Steve R

sounds a bit dangerous to drink it - shame! :open_mouth:

The Cider of today is not as good as the Cider of the late 50’s my local would only sell you two pints a night as it was so strong, and as for Scrumpy that was sold in a wine glass.

By the way it was only 3d in good British money :smiley: a pint.


The local scrumpy round 'ere is between 7 and 10% still as a windless summers day and soooo easy to drink.
You can’t see through it though. :wink:
A group of my mates bought a press and have huge wooden barrels in their garages/sheds, if you help with the gathering (they go round all of the local gardens, old orchards/farms) and pressing you can can take much as you want at Xmas time…
I had 5 gallons last christmas! :smiley:
ThIs stuff is clear but smells like a drain, so it’s mixed with a medium/sweet cider to make it drinkable, it’s bloody rocket fuel…It makes the 10% stuff taste like maidens water.

Steve R

Good day one and all

I have just been having a look and I see that the last post was on the 16th of this month, so to start the ball rolling.and I will post these again in the Events section as and when I can.

1st Jan, The Hangover Meet at the Ace from 11.00am :imp:

2nd Jan, Classic Car & Bike at Donington Park

7/8th Jan, CBG Classic Show at Newark Show-ground

20/22nd Jan, Verona Expo at Verona

27/29th Jan, Mad Cow Rally at Bury St Edmonds

29th Jan, Malvern Classic Car & Bike at The Three Show-Ground, Malvern from 09.00am


well i’ll be at malvern for sure :smiley: