Wet back!

[size=150]Hi, loving my new Hyperstrada, but has anyone else found that every time you ride on wet roads your back gets completely covered in water and mud! Design issue me thinks.
Can you get a larger hugger? The tyre is wider than the hugger!
There is no mudguard on rear so I have made a mud flap to fit below the number plate but this hasn’t stopped all of it!

Other models; Multistrada, Diavel, new Monster all have a splash guards fitted. So Ducati know there is an issue with spray and road crap going up over the rider or luggage/ pillion. So why haven’t they made one for the Hyperstrada? Will any of the other models fit the Hyperstrada?
It advertised as a tourer so should be designed for such.

This is very annoying as apart from this the bike is fantastic. But I use the bike most days for work and so far done 350 miles, and not one of them has been on dry roads!
Cornwall is a bit damp at the moment!!

Any help would be good. [/size]