What do we do with the website for non-members?

What do we do with the website for non-members?

  • Open website to all but limit number of posts non-members can make on forum
  • Open website to all but do not allow non-members to post to forum at all
  • Maintain approach as used on current website
  • No opinion either way

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I hope everybody has read the various emails about this subject that have been floating about so I do not intend to reiterate the comments here but would appreciate it if you could express your preference by voting.



If you have an alternative proposal please add it as a post and I can add it as an option to the poll.

Please do not just view without a vote - I really need to know the consensus of opinion.



I’ve voted but couldn’t see the difference between option two and three.
Could someone give me the brief,SIMPLE method of making my computer receive the TECHLIT emails, they dried up some time ago and I have lost the original instructions as to how to get them back again.
I will also try to sign up to the club email list through the web site again.
Many thanks

Here is the difference

Option 2 - in this option the website is fully open and the forum is visible to non-members. Non-members cannot make any posts to the forum.

Option 3 - in this option parts of the website are hidden from non-members including the forum. They cannot see these areas at all. This is how the current site is set up - things are hidden in the memberzone.

Hope this makes it clear.



Just to clarify that the CoM section will remain only visible to CoM members?

COM section will remain restricetd to COM members as it currently is regardless of which option we choose


Thanks, Steve, just needed to check!

I have modified the forum settings so that every new user will have to wait until I approve their access request. This means that nobody can simply join the forum without us knowing.

All posts made by a new user will also need to be approved before it appears. This will allow a chance for us to be sure we want them to post on our forum.

Once they have made 10 posts that have been appoved they can then post as per any other user without restrictions


Anybody have an issue with this approach?


… and I see we have a non-member on the forum already! :astonished:

Yes we do, someone who may now see the benefit of joining the club, before not, three posts and you are out !! I mean have to join, let’s watch and see what happens, good test case.


I am sure we have many non-members that are registered on the forum.

Even in the way things were set before any person could search for the Ducati related stuff on the Internet. The search results could easily return a page from the forum and then the person could register.

Until my recent change the only thing a person needed to do to join was answer a simple question “in which city are Ducatis manufactured?”. Once they did that they had unrestricted access to the whole forum (except the COM section)

Many people seem to think the forum was hidden but it was not.

Do a Google search for “DOCGB forum” - the 3rd link should be a link directly to the forum.

Do a Google search for “350 Mach 3” - the 8th link should be a link directly to the forum.

Having a password on a single page of the old website did not stop people accessing the forum via an alternative route.

If you enter the following URL in your browser it will take you directly to the memberzone without the password:


The password was only used if a user clicked the “Memberzone” link on the website. It was a very simplistic approach.



Many thanks for your explanation.