What is black ??

A video and also info from DOC office in Boligna arrived today, keep your eyes on social media, new smaller Panigale, maybe new smaller Scrambler and bigger capacity Hyper, have a read below.

It is time to tell a new story for Ducati. The story about to begin is refined, elegant and mysterious. And it is heading towards a new universe, as yet unexplored by the Company. A universe which will come to life on November 16, the date we will finally unveil all the innovations ready for 2016.

The story begins with a project called “This is Black” and is developed across three different forms of expression: a multimedia installation, video mapping and two unpublished musical tracks. The project kicks off locally: as part of the Bologna Design Week (from 30 September to 3 October) and at the international electronic music and digital arts event, roBOt Festival (Bologna, 7 to 10 October).

A new story to tell, which can be followed on the www.ducati.com website and on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You and your members can join the conversation regarding the new story using the #xducati hashtag.

Team DOC

…Bit mysterious!
They’ve come a long way from badly translated A4 glossy flyers of blokes in tank tops riding Darmahs through puddles! :smiley:

They certainly have Kev, not to everyone’s taste but they compete at a high level where an ad in a mag is not enough

Sorry thought this was an oil blog

Oh no don’t start that !!!

Oil, mmm, let me see … :wink: