What - no ST4S's

[size=150]I can’t believe there are only a couple of ST’s on here, I didn’t realise they were so rare[/size] :confused:

Hi to busy riding ST to be on forum.

Mines on ebay right now, i’m worried that it might sell, then I’d have to go find another one!

Mine is in the garage with her new 999s brother, both waiting for some decent weather so they can both play out.

Can’t wait for a 400 mile rideout on her.

First decent trip on the ST4s comming up this weekend, off to the Dordogny on Friday for a week. Shame about the forecast freezing tempertures and high winds…

Just treated the bike to a new rear tyre, another Michelin Pliot Road 2. I got nearly 6000 miles out of the last one, bargain.

Anyone else out there planning a trip?

Phil R

We’re off to France or germany on May bank holiday for a couple of days

Dordogne trip over Easter week went well, about 1000 miles round trip. Pretty cold, apart from the last day when we drove back up to Cherbourg, when the sun came out for most of the day. Nice ride cross country (steer clear of auto routes). Poured with rain and very strong winds all the way back from Portsmouth. Only ‘issue’ with the bike, chain went from ok with a slight tight spot to sounding like a coffee grinder, despite a whole can of chain spray. Guess the winter salt had done it’s work. Moral, fit new chain at first sign of a tight spot. Heinke Gerick riveting tool is very, very good. Bit expensive but worth it to get it right.

Amusing anecdote. Gendarmes with radar hiding under a tree. Luckily I spotted them and eased off, so was a little perplexed to get waved down. Then enthusiastic French, which I hardly speak. ‘sorry, English’. ‘Ah (now broken English) Ducati, I have one of zeese. ST2’. Slap on back and sent on our happy way. I love motorcycling!

So, new chain kit fitted (the Ducati original spare chain and sprocket kit is very reasonably priced, about £120 i recall), then last weekend we took a trip to Bude on the N Coast of Cornwall. Found a nice biker friendly B&B near by (place called Shop, surreally) - [ I can pass on details if anyone is interested]. Rained all the way there (becoming a feature of my trips). However sun came out on Sunday, great walk on the beach. Great ride back across Dartmoor. Super roads, very little traffic. highly recommended.

Next weekend, Italian Bike day in Bristol. Bet it rains……

Phil :unamused:

Still unable to embarrass any STS owners to respond. Come on guys and gals.

Following on from my previous posting.

Italian day at Bristol was great. Never been before. Loads of beautiful bikes (and some cars, but not so impressed by them, except the old Fait 500s). many, many Ducatis, including two wonderful 750 bevel S Sports. One of which appeared to be a racer on the road, dry clutch etc. could well have been an NCR bike. Fabulous.

A few STS (so you do get out and about). Anyway, this event is now etched into my diary, I will be going next year, hopefully with the 750 bevel sport I am expensively and slowly restoring. (that’s another story, see spring twins section).

Last weekend saw a round trip from Chippenham to Oulton Park to see the British Super Bikes. Never been to Oulton before. ( I don’t get out much do I). Great circuit, very friendly, easy going and super racing. Shame about the rain, but the sun shone on the way home and we followed the A roads down to Worcester. Greta roads round Bridgenorth, lots of bends, real Ducati country. Too many silly (slow) speed limits further south, but I was getting a bit tired by then anyway.

So, inspired? Hopefully. Let us know where you are off to.

Got to go. booking ferry for the manx.


Tech tip. Foot rest rubbers on my bike were very worn, looking v tatty. Fairly easy job to change. Replacement rubbers from Riders of Bristol;. About £6 each. Reasonable. Bugger to get the screws out, so took the footrest hangers off (two bolts each) and drilled them out. Couple of stainless screws and Job done.

Question. Anyone know of a plastic welding service in the West. Got a split in my NS fairing, and a replacement panel is £300. Ouch! Anyone got a good spare they want to sell? Mine is the latter model. (2004).

I too have an ST4s. 2002 model. Stabled with my 1998 748 and a 1990 906 Paso. The ST took me to WDW last year with no problems at all. Great bike.


Here we are again. Still getting out and about on the ST4s. Had a few trips for work over the last few weeks, from my base in Chippenham Wilts, been to Exeter, Coventry and Chester. All nice runs and I usually keep off the motorways. Some of the time it even stayed dry.

Trip up to Chester was dry. I was accompanied along the A41 by the Police Helicopter. Nice to know they are so concerned for my safety…… Pissed down on the way home.

Also took a trip to BSB at Oulton Park. My first trip there. Excellent circuit, nice ride up and back.

Next weekend off to Donington for the GP. Shall I take the waterproofs???

Phil R