What's the knack for kicking over a 350?

What’s the best procedure for kicking over a 350?

I’ve pretty much got the knack with my 450 SCR - pretty easy, what with its valve lifter; But this 350 Vento I’ve just got is causing me some grief - I guess a 10:1 compression ration and a fair amount of valve overlap probably don’t help :wink:

I’m ok putting it in gear and rolling it back against compression. BUt if it doesn’t go then, I find it difficult to find the compression stroke again - it all feels pretty much the same on the kick starter …

Any help appreciated!



You pussy Craig :laughing:

Ignition off take it just over TDC on compression with no throttle.

Ignition on

Kick the Cr*p out of it.

With 250/ 350’s you don’t feel anything like the same compression resistance in comparison to a 450 Desmo or even a low comp scrambler.

Yeh, hear you, Andrew (just sent you an e-mail re. a few bits, btw).

My problem - and this is where I will willingly take all the flack you may like to hand out :slight_smile: - is telling when the bloody thing is coming up and has gone over compression. It’s obvious with the Scrambler, but not with this one. To me, the exhaust stroke feels pretty much the same and it’s a bastard to kick over then …

So - how do I tell which stroke the engine’s on, and when the piston’s just gone over compression?

Or am I just being thick?

Right, got it sorted with the help of the MOT man who tells me he learnt his technique on a Maico 400cc two-stroke. The trick, it turns out, is to keep your right hand on the tank.

Ok, it’s a bit more than that …

My mistake was trying to get the thing over compression. No, no … The better way is:

Bring it up to compression. Don’t try to get it over. Then, right hand on the tank for balance, kick right thru and vroom!
Simple, when you know, eh?