Wheel Bearings

My rubberband Duc, '94 750ss, is in need of some new wheel bearings. Rather than use my bevel in the current weather, I would like to obtain some new bearings before starting work. Does anyone have the bearing references, including sprocket carrier, for a 17mm rear axle model.

Wheel bearings are usually a standard size like a NGK 6305.
Easy to find out what they are, take the wheel out and clean off the gunk the bearing reference is the 4 figure number etched into the side of the outer bearing race housing. I replace mine with rubber seal seal over the race as they stop the road gunk getting into the race itself. These have the suffic RS. E.g. 6305RS. If there is an oilseal on the outer bearings then there is a reference such as 58 23 2 on the oilseal face, that is the out/inner diameter and seal thickness. Get them from your local bearing agent and save your self a shed load of money too. Yellow pages or google.


If it’s any use to you, once I’ve got my bearing numbers I usually use:


Thanks Ains, but what I was really hoping for was someone who had a record of the numbers. Wanted to do the job in ‘one hit’ so to speak and not hang around waiting for delivery. I’ve done enough bearing changes on my bevels and always recorded the references, hoped somebody had done the same with the later models.

With rubber band wheel bearings I have always walked into a Bearings suppliers and found what I needed in stock, which is handy given how often they wear out!

Do they wear out then?
Better change mine before the trip to the Classic Bol D’Or.
They did about 14,000 in my '93 bike, then I swopped the wheels onto the '94 when I got it cos the black looked better than the gold ones that it came with, and it has done another 47,000 miles since then.
I did change the front ones when I got a secondhand wheel from a breakers, and I kept a note of those numbers somewhere.
Will check the rears soon and post both lots when I have done them.


hi, had to replace the rears in my 94ss and they were 4203 2rs.i also found them a bit expensive. however aparantly there is a modification that uses a different bearing and some spacers, i would ring your local bearing bloke and ducati dealer to see which is the best (i went for the 4203 bearing :nerd: ) cost wise.
hope this helps, rich.

did not get my bearings changed before the trip to the classic bol, but made it there and back fine with another 1100 miles on the clock.

just realised that the front bearings I have for reference numbers may not be of much use to you because when I got my 1994 900SS with its gold wheels I preferred the black ones in my 1993 900SS so I swopped them over. It was during the changeover that we discovered that the front spindle was thicker in the gold 1994 model, but all we had to do was change the spindle and the threaded insert in the bottom of the left fork leg so I could keep my black wheels.

The bearings I renewed in the black front wheel some years later, are 6303 2RS 1 / C3 made by SKF.
BUT this wheel came from a breakers (due to an 80mph incident with a piece of steel tube on the road) and arrived with a single disc so it was originally from a 600 or 750.

So not much help at all - sorry