Where am I

Little fun competition here. This is a spot I have been to with DOC members on a few occasions, but where is it?..

Desmo need not answer as its on my facebook!

Hi Keith,

That’s Union Mills Methodists church.
Who could ever forget the Rev Shirtlifter?
I hope to see you, Barbara and the young Master in 3 weeks time.
I thought I was all prepared, but after my now dramatic personal weight loss (over 4 stone!)
the 851’s well over sprung.
I’m trying today to get hold of a lighter spring for the rear shock.
The motors running well though it made 116rwbhp at 9,500rpm and 67.4ft lbs peak torque at 7,500rpm on GT’s dyno 2 weeks ago, that’s 888SP(4)S and SP5 type power.
I’m well happy with that!

Steve R The almost skinny Southern version :smiley: