Where's Gaz B got to/gone

Right here’s the BIG question…
I’ve now had the last 2 copies of Desmo and niether have had a ‘Chairmans Chat’ section?
Gaz has de-listed from the E-mail list and to all intents and purposes (as far as I can see) dissapeared?
What’s going on?
Are we a ship without a skipper at the helm?
Has he gone off to join the DSC, as I believe that they’re about to need a new Skipper…
It’s all gone far to quite for my liking.
Gaz where are you?
Com’ members can you shed any light?

Steve R

Where’s everyone gone Steve!!
Does anyone on the committee (apart from Martyn & Frank) actually use this forum…I wonder?

Hi Guys,

just happened to be passing by (not been on the forum for at least a month). Gaz is taking a bit of a sabbatical at the moment. He had though of standing down but the rest of the CoM said take a break for a while and then see how you feel. Obviously, this can’t go on forever and the situation will be resolved one way or another by the time we have our next AGM. In the meantime it is business as usual. :slight_smile:

Ah thanks for that Graham.

Kevin, Jilly P pops in quite often.

Steve R

Oh, and Graham obviously, that’s the trouble with forum names, it’s not always obvoius who’s who!
Is Jilly P actually Jilly P on this forum then, if you catch my drift?

I think you’ll find she goes under the handle of DESMO.
And don’t forget Spaggy he’s still around, so that’s at least 4 members of the Com’ on here.
I know what you meen about forum names, but with Mr R and signing off Steve R most people know who I am…
Unless they confuse me with the false Northern imposter!
I’d have used my own full name but there’s actually another Steve Robins on the other Duke based forums/Lists, which has caused some confusion over the years.
He has almost exactly the same taste in bikes as me (Only this week he’s sold his 888SP4) and is within 3 weeks of being the same age.
On the other forums that we both use we refer to each other as ‘Junior’ or ‘Senior’ with me being the elder of the two.
He’d been contacted by people who he’d never heard of, they’d read his name and assumed he was me.
He’s shorter than me, has less hair and hails from the North East, he’s also a member of the Dark Side Club…
Booo Hisss! They’re behind you!
Well they used to be but are on their way to holding their meetings in a phone box these days…

Steve R Now 35lbs lighter than 3 months ago!

Steve R nice to hear from you mate.
Just to let you know every time I go out with the real Steve R and all his socialites I normally end up thirty five pounds lighter in a very short space of time if you catch my drift. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Keep it up Im impressed
Timbo :smiley: :smiley:
The Wirral a great place to live.

Yes, I own up to being ‘Desmo’ :wink:

Hello there Desmo! Suppose I should have realised who it was from your forum name… :slight_smile:

yes, bit of a clue there :slight_smile: I’m surprised I wasn’t rumbled before :wink:

Oh you were rumbled a looong time ago Jilly, I thought that everyone knew who DESMO was.
The way that you would answer any moans about the club mag or the Com’ tended to be a bit of a give away. :wink:

Steve R

PS Thanks Timbo it’s not been as hard as I thought it would be, not sure who you meen by the ‘Real Steve R’ though? Would that be the Northern Imposter who hails from Cheshire?
Personally I’ve never found that Steve R slow to stand his round.
He’s always been Great company, I look forward to seeing him and Ann again, I bet she’ll be on his case when she sees the new slimmer me! :laughing:

Luigi Da Squeegee was my nickname at school and some years ago when I was unemplyed I stated a window cleaning round and couldn’t resist using the name :slight_smile:


Graham Stoppani

Gaz is having a rest eh? Well thats the good thing about the DOC. Because the COM is a team rather than a Junta led by a tyranical self styled Il Duce, the club can just poodle along nicely.

Ah all happy and relaxed like.

Hello Mr R (Southern Imposter) I have lost a bit too I think a little bit more than you though, only a pound or two, try the D plan, it really works :wink: :wink:

OK Martyn.
I’ll bite what’s the D plan?
I’m on the ‘Slowly but Surely’ plan and I’m still drinking Mr Booze to excess, if I can shed another stone/14lbs including the Xmas binge before the TT Holiday I’ll be a VERY happy lad.
That would put me around the 13 stone mark which wouldn’t be that bad for a lad in his 50’s who’ 6ft tall.

The REAL Steve R!

Just noticed this on the forum and thought I would let you know I am about.
If you check out the BMF and MAG area on the forum you can check out the latest issues passed to me from both of organizations.
Although at the moment most seems to be coming from MAG!

Guy Gagen (BMF/MAG rep.)[/size]

Are you Gaz B in disguise :wink:

[size=150]How did you work that out!?[/size]

I’m Gaz B and so’s my wife!! :laughing:

High Steve, I’m now 13St 3 but only 5’ 8 the d plan is the big one unfortunately DIVORCE, at least I can do what I want whenever I want with whoever I want, no takers though which I can understand !!! It will be nice to meet up again, we will not take up as much room as we used to !!