Which monster for newbie

Hi everyone. Just signed up as I’ve decided to buy myself a monster. I say that to avoid a multistrada of alternative suggestions so these are the two shortlisted candidates and why.
I currently ride a BMW R1200RLC with electronic EVERYTHING and love all the gadgets but would kind of like to get back to basics, however will this backward step be a mistake leaving me feeling disappointed? So has anyone actually owned both of the bikes listed below, if so I’d love to hear your opinion.

M1100 Evo

  • simplicity and lightness also more of a traditional Duc with the added character that brings crucially it looks nice from both sides
  • lack of performance(?), dismal fuel range and lack of cornering ABS
  • advances make it better in so many ways Power, electronics (cornering ABS) and probably reliability?
  • heavier, more electronics to thwart home servicing and start throwing up intermittent niggles and aesthetically ‘unfinished’ on one side with that Halfords water pump (coincidentally ALL brochure pics are of the right hand side!) which is a consideration for me whether you think that right or wrong. After all it’s Italian and not German