Which Monster?

I have been thinking for a while now that it would be a good idea to buy a Monster to add to my collection. Since it is the Monster’s 20th Anniversary perhaps now is the right time to finally buy one.

The problem I have is in deciding which model to buy.

Come on all of you - tell me which you think is the best and why.



S2r 1000, air cooled quite powerful and single sides swing arm, the best in my opinion.

[size=150]Nice choice Martyn I almost bought one once, but I will stick with my 620 it’s fantastic around the twisty A and B roads in Cornwall. Nice sport tyres it’s light and throws around so well and plenty quick enough. It’s not good on motorways though, but I don’t ride it on them, so that’s fine.


Being a poor OAP I can only afford an early model. :cry: So i bought a M750. Reason the 600 did not have the power and the M900 did not have the road manners.
I looked hard for one and don’t regret my choice.

That was the one I was trying for one, I bought a 600 in the end and for what I use it for it is great !! I just stay off Motorways, been to Silverstone on it and round it twice now though, oh and Mallory where it was just perfect !!

Let’s hope that some Monster owners contribute to Desmo 207 with their thoughts about the bike, Steve, and that may help you select the right one for you!

I think if I were in the market for a Monster I’d plumb for one of the 1st 900’s, lets face it that’s where it all started really.
The smaller models might be OK for scooting around town, but the 900 is big enough to take you across Europe 2 up with soft luggage.

Steve R

and ultimately these models are the ones that will become most collectable

that 2v 750 engine is an absolute gem. the 750ss i had was a brilliant bike, and if im honest, i was quicker on that than my 916 :blush: less lumpy than the 9 but with a bit more poke than the 6.

Well, I bought an 1100 evo last year and in my opinion it’s the best monster so far, you may hate me for this but I think it’s the only monster that nothing looks like an afterthought, everything looks like it was designed for that particular bike, a well finished package

shows that with the various models of the Monster, there’s something to suit everyone

I really do like the 1100 evo. On my wishlist :slight_smile:

Old school 2 valver. None of that liquid cooling pipework and radiators to foul up the aesthetics.

Like so many I would have to say my 2000 M900Sie is the best one, Termies, open air box, race brain and geared down.
She’s an absolute hoot to ride, bit lumpy 'round town, but on the lanes in Kent and Sussex…

To ride: 900Sie- best combination of smooth engine, enough power, decent handling and sensible running costs.
To collect: the early carb 900.
Having said all that I really fancy the S4RS with the pearl white tank, not sure I could live with it in real life though!

Yes Steve, it’s got to be aircooled for me, either a 900Sie or a 1000DS or a 796 20th anniversary?

900Sievis the one or the S2r 1000, single side swing arm is lovely.

still applies to this day