Whinge of the day

God it would help if the tech section was sub-divided into sections (such as model types) like we used to have.
Trying to find anything related my own query is now a pain.

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Too many sub divisions, search would find it I think

Well, we only had about 10 sub-divisions before.
If I’m looking for info about a 40 year old single, I shouldn’t really need to wade through all the articles about Panigale suspension settings or 999 fuel injection etc to find someting. I’m sure you see what I mean.

I can give you access to tidy things up and delete some old posts if you like. If you have the time​:+1::+1:

Spaggy, if you go to the top of the categories and choose technical then the next box you can select the type of bike then you dont need to scroll through, its just a much newer more modern forum