who cares ?

no topics no posts seems nobody cares, or are we getting too old. :laughing:
seriously though age experiance, and intelligence watch this forum!
did i spell intelligence ok?

Who cares?

Good question. Although the CoM haven’t been making a song and dance of it we have been concerned about how the club best serves the interests of its members within the political scope of biking in general. That sentence has probably put 90% of our members to sleep already :slight_smile: For many years we have been affiliated to the BMF but recently we’ve been concerned as to how well they are able to work for bikers given the internal problems they’ve had. At the same time we have been impressed at how MAG has been working. The net result is that for the last year we have been affiliated to both bodies. Sooner or later we will need to decide which body we continue to support…

I could always swap the posts from the old forum over or yer Mon Spaggy could.


good idea look forward to reading them. :open_mouth: