As someone who posts on these boards on a infrequent/frequent could I ask that people post up who they are. I’m sure that I know most of you; but struggle with the TAG ‘davesoldsingle’, it tells me nowt.

Could I ask that on either this thread or another we ‘take off the mask’ and let members know who you are. Facebook gives you a nice picture of the offender, whereas this site only gives a pseudonym!!

I’ll start.

Richard Starkey is really Richard Starkey and I’m in Oxon/Wilts branch. I also have a drink problem and a penchant for yellow Ducatis.

Yes, good idea Richard, I’m just Kevin!

[size=150]Yes, that is a good idea. My name Pugwash, Captain Pugwash. :wink: [/size]

I’m not sure who I am … :astonished: but I like yellow Ducatis :wink:

Bananas are yellow
Ducatis are red
If you want to fight about it
I’m going back to my shed.

A quick look around on here, cross-checked with a copy of Desmo should tell you who I am, but as I have just insulted your pride and joy you probably don’t want to know me. :smiling_imp:

I like Yellow Ducati’s like the early 70’s Desmo singles and the 750 Sport, the 748SP/SPS’s looked nice as well IMO, but the best colour for a later Ducati is Red…
I’ve even painted my owned from new '79 900SS Bevel Red twice.

Anyway just for you Richard as most of the older/loooong time club members know who I am…
I’m Steve R or Mr R but I also go by my given name of Steve Robins, long time Ducati fan owning 3 now (I waved goodbye to my 888 only this Tuesday), a '74 250 Desmo, '79 900SS and a '92 851/916cc.

Steve R

Im Richy Curzon from Kidderminster.
I too have a weakness for apple based alcoholic beverages and a nice pale ale.

Oh yeah, and the odd ducati or three.

I have no idea who I am anymore …

neither have we! :wink: :laughing:

Hi I’m Colin Peach from Solihull in the West Midlands
I like Red Ducatis :smiley:

Errrr I’m your worst nightmare!


Hi, my name is Chris I’m a Ducataholic and I haven’t had a bike ride for 10 days!! :open_mouth:

I’m erm…Nick. Nutty was an old nickname :wink:

Hi Richard
Hoping to get along to one of your oxon/wilts meets soon :sunglasses:


I’m Dave Knight, but more commonly known as Spaggy, and I’m always ready for someone to buy me a pint…which is probably why most people avoid me… :frowning:

Hi I am Steve from Derby and own a 748 Bip in Red (would have had yellow but the proce was right on the red one).

I can normally be found on a corner at a race track somwhere as I marshal for NG Roadracing and BSB,WSBK, MotoGP.

Your not MrR I am MrR.
Your just a southern imposter.
Sorry I’m Cheshire cat I like taking my bikes onto grass and talking about oil.