Why Ducati

Hello all
Just thought Id pen this topic to see what response id get.
Just finished nights Monday up at twelve thinking need to blow cobwebs away I know Ill go for a ride,851 from garage, park out side nice sunny and dry bike looks fantastic red glistening in sunlight,bike gear on sit on bike helmet on gloves on,see next door neighbour walking towards me on my side walking with small poodle type hound on leash at the very moment she passes dont know why :wink: :wink: but press starter then β€œBOOM” The 851 gurgles into life the 50mm termis bringing shock and awe to the neighbours,the old dear jumps out of skin and pooch takes a very sharp exit left into driveway strangling itself on lead an nearly pulling owner into gate,I saw her mouth move jesturing towards me perhaps in admiration of the Ducati but I could not hear :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Set off around the Wirral couple of hours,passing through many villages Neston Parkgate Heswall along the front West Kirby,termis booming out behind awesome.The Duc attracting a lot of head turning pointing and waving(well I think it was waving)
At traffic lights car drivers asking if I would sell the Duc or consider a jap sports bike(aaaahhhh) or just silently admiring the red motorbike next to them.
Finish off with pint in Swingin Arm my local pub,when leaving people coming outside waiting to hear the sound of the Duc as I set off home.
Get home about six with a grin as wide as a Cheshire Cat put bike away.
Go to next door neighbours and apologise who tells me not to worry as dogs fine its deaf !! :slight_smile: but doesnt like our cat that was sitting on the wall. :slight_smile: (dont know if dog was deaf before passing or as a result of passing) :wink:

Tuesday house hold chores done I know Ill go and visit Tony Forster at Moto Corse and have a play in Cheshire
Bike out looking great BOOM off we go not even mile away from home nearly taken out by stupid car driver(woman) who decides to pull out infront of me from a road on my right then stop the car without warning in the middle of the road at the next road on her left aaaahhhh. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: Think to myself is it going to be one of those days,
Head towards Cheshire suns out bikes gurgling a lovely noise onto M53 open her up and hold on :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: (92 851 has Hackett fitted chip open air box and been serviced by Moto Corse)Now Im not of svelt like figure but this made no impact on the speed,now legally and for those of you that know me I did stick to the 70mph :wink: :wink: :wink: but the sound and feeling of being on that bike was fantastic,if anything would have gone wrong Id have gone a very happy Ducatisti
Passing cars on motorway gettin thumbs up from those shrouded in plastic and metal onto A41 lovely wide open rolling roads,right lets open this up and see whats she like through gears termis booming 70 80 90 100 still more 110 120 125 think oh …there goes me licence, career, me basically so back off throttle( massive grin in helmet) go around rounabout Broxton passing bikers in the cafe area all paying attention to the booming Duc up to Farndon through the twisties passing cars and then into Wrexham Industrial Estate.
Pull into Tonys to be met with immaculate 996s on tick over fantastic, a 748 900ss all out side.Into his place which for those who havent been is an Alladins cave of treasured Ducs,kid in sweet shop was I,Talk Ducatisti with Tony hours pass time for lunch so back to Tonys home were dinner prepared by the lovely Lou Tonys better half.More talk of Ducatisti and socialising then back home so" BOOM" twisties 70 80 90 100 so on forty mins later back home bike in garage and grin on face love it !! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Sorry to go on but if you own a duc you know where Im coming from,Its mid winterish theres some good bikin days to be had so get out there !!!
Cheers all
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great read, and really sums it up nicely! You should write something for the DOC magazine :wink: