Will there ever be a "Ducati Classiche" service for older bikes?

The fact that other car manufacturers (Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, VW Oldtimer (for the VW bus) etc.) have identified a need to not only keep detailed records of vehicles, but also offer a parts and restoration service ensures that these vehicles can be maintained and rebuilt/restored when they require it. Technology is also making it easier to recreate parts and other “unobtanium” items, such as 3D printing, which I do for certain 888 parts, with some items also being printed in metal. Some of the major benefits are: -

  • The bikes become more economically repairable
  • Parts can be created on demand
  • Older bikes are no longer being broken down and stripped for parts, just to keep a handful on the roads
  • Older bikes get to be used ore as the fear of damaging it and not being able to repair it is lessened
  • New owners will not be scared away from owning one with the fear of having to get find bits when the original parts stop working or get damaged

Now we are seeing parts for the SuperSports (600, 750, 900), Monsters and 916 models and younger are also becoming hard to find and therefore as much as people say that lesser numbers will increase the values of the remaining ones, but the companies that have invested in helping owners keep older bikes alive, have seen the prices for these machines improve significantly over the last few years.

So the big question, is how do we try to get Ducati to look into this?

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The problem is they are quite a small factory, a lot of the old documentation was lost years ago on the old bikes, I have seen skip loads of old rare bike parts.

With all of the unobtainable parts out there and the opportunity with today’s technology to dismantle, perform material sampling, 3D scan and provide the images under license to approved manufacturers, there is an opportunity to ensure the endurance of these wonderful machines.

I totally understand were you’re coming from , but I think with the small amount of Ducs produced in the first place and the ones that are already scrapped it may be a dodgy investment for someone to say produce a pair of pistons for a 1997 750ss .
I am restoring a 750ss engine. The rest of the bike is nice .
The gap between the conrods is to big . These are abtainable at £450 +vat .
The bores are worn so need to sort that at a cost of £750 for new ones , each .
So I know were you’re coming from .
But how many people in the world want a set of pistons ???
If it was a Ferrari you have to pay £1000’s .
Are bikes are rare and not in Great numbers but also not worth what classic Ferraris and Porsches are worth.
Its a very difficult situation,
Nice to meet you. Keep posting.
Regards Brian