winter chain rust prevention

I’ve been reading that ACF-50 is one of the best products for ridding/preventing rust.

Any thoughts or other recommendations?

I normally spray Wurth dry lube but this proving inadequate for the winter.

ACF50 is by far the best anti-corrosion product out there.

To make it go further spray some in a small container and use a small soft brush to apply it to the chain.

Remember that it will fling off when you ride the bike.

Thank you Michael.

Would to also add another lube after the ACF50?

I’m guessing you don’t need to drench the chain in it. Just apply enough of it to cover the chain, right? I’ve never done this so I’m asking just in case.

Hi there, I swear by automatic chain oilers, I’ve had a ZX12R for 17 years, fitted an electronic oiler to it (Not a fancy one), done over 30 thousands miles on it, and still on the original chain, it oils, cools and prevents rust.