Winter project

Hi all,
I Recently bought this with a veiw to getting it up and running with MOT for the spring of 2010 … CF0879.jpg

Bit of work there Keith, be nice to see it up & running again though.

Yes Keith, a bit less of the early morning Baileys and it will be up and running in a Jif !!

Are you F**kin’ Mad ??
There’s almost an endless supply of spares to keep your ‘Proper’ Bevel going for years there Keith. :wink:
The unused stuff you could sell to the sad Drama owners. :laughing:

On a more serious note…
I’d get those Campag’s checked out/X-rayed before riding the old girl in anger, 30 year old magnesium wheels aren’t a good idea mate, if you value your life.

Steve R

OK folks. I might be the keef on the early morning baileys after a night shift, but I’m not the Keef65 with the Darmah.

None the less, full respect to you Keef65, I do like a Whale tail. Good luck with the project!


(The real keef)

interesting front brake set-up there.

Hi Graham,
It was quite a common practice back then to reverse the fork legs to site the calipers behind the legs, it was ment to cut down the pendulem effect.
I carried this mod out on my 900SS in 1980 when I went over to ‘Goodridge’ hoses.

Steve R

As well as the reversed legs, as you say, something that was a ‘fad’ at the time, it looks as if the callipers are on carrier plates that makes me wonder if they are non-standard - can’t tell from the picture though.

Lockheed calipers? Also a fad of the time and very similar looking to the Brembo’s but requiring carrier plates?

I know an old boy who has the same set up :wink:


AP Lockheed did indeed make some Brembo P8 ‘look a like’ calipers back in the day, but they bolted on in the same way as the standard Brembo’s/they were a direct replacement part, a mate has them fitted to a M1R frontend on his Guzzi special.
I’ve got one on the rear brake of Beverly, they don’t make them anymore.
The Lockheeds that needed mounting plates (when fitted to standard late Bevel forks) were like the ones fitted to the roundcase 750SS rear wheel.
Just like the ones fitted to the frontend of my ‘Beverly’.
I didn’t need to fit mounting plates as I swapped the fork sliders with a pair intended for the original roundcase750SS/Laverda 750SFC.
You’ve got a pic’ of that bike on your web site Keef, it also used to be on the clubs site under ‘Members Bikes’.

The ones in the picture at the start of this thread look like standard P8 Brembo’s to me with the black paint removed, I can’t see any mounting plates?

Steve R

You’re right. No mounting plates. Shit, my eyes are getting worse and worse. They need about 15 minutes each morning before they can focus properly even with my reading glasses on :open_mouth: Ah, the joys of getting older…