wiring up a pantah regulator

Can anyone advise me how to wire up a pantah regulator/rectifier as I’ve left the rebuild long enough to forget where the wires go! I have a full wiring diagram, but it’s not helpful as it does not reflect what is on the bike. I have a 3 wire generator and a regulator with 6 terminals which are marked G, G, R , +B, L and C. I guess 2 of the generator wires go to the 2 terminals marked G, but to which terminal does the third generator wire go to?
My other guesses are

  1. the +B terminal connects to the positive side of the fuse box ( or battery)?
  2. the L terminal may control the warning light?
  3. the C terminal ???
    The bike is a 1984 Pantah 600TL. I would be grateful for any help - Thanks very much.