World Ducat Week

Hi there, anyone ridden there? What route and how long etc?


People take different times and routes, a lot of information in the website, no news on 2022 yet but probably 1st or third week end in June

Is this a sure happening? as for route.
Myself & wife, Hull-Amsterdam, Cocham, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Interlaken, Lake Como, Livorno, Rimini WDW.
Then back home, 5 weeks in all.
Depending on how long you have, Baveria Austria Switzerland excellent, though you have to transverse some crazy boring roads in Italy if you need swift progress.


I went in 2016 on my monster 696, it was a brilliant weekend and my first long distance trip. I may go again this year.

I was a little ambitious as i didn’t have a lot of annual leave. I rode down in two days, from Sussex to Rimini its around 1000 miles direct. On my second day i cut across Switzerland into the northeast of Italy so that i could do a few of the mountain passes including Stelvio which was magnificent. I think i did around 10-12 hours of riding on the second day and by the end of the day i was rather burnt out. Its a great weekend and so worth it.

If i was to do it again i would certainly break the journey up a little more. Chatting with some of the DOC member there i think some had put their bikes on a train or plane (cant remember which) flew to a city in Italy and rode the rest of the way. I’m sure there will be options like that again.