Worn rocker arms

Hello, first post and as is often the case, a plea for help:scream:. I’ve got an ST4S and I’m changing the belts and setting the valve clearances. I’ve opened the valve covers and there is obvious scoring on 2 opener rockers. I’ve stopped at this point. I’ve searched for valve rockers and all I can find are 2nd hand rockers or companies from America who refurbish or have “super” rockers at $2000. This is my first Ducati and my first experience of this problem, although after reading numerous reviews I was sort of expecting it.( I still wanted one though:grinning:) Any recommendations or advice would be very welcome. Thanks.

Newman cams reface worn rockers by brazing on a Stelite pad, top quality job.
Here’s a link:- http://www.newman-cams.com/about/

Steve R

Thanks very much Steve.:+1:

Somebody on Facebook ducati buy sell and exchange selling some for £55 each

Thanks Martyn, I’ll check it out:+1:

Quick update. All the rockers have now been checked. a couple more dodgy ones were found. Thanks to Martyn748 I have manged to buy 3, but I’m still short a left hand opener. Also emailed Newman cams, waiting for a reply.

Great news, glad I could help :+1::+1:

Try phoning them I know it’s a bit old fashioned but it works for me when dealing with Newman’s.

Steve R

All sorted. Rockers are packed and ready to go. Thanks Mr_R :+1:

That’s absolutely fantastic, another back on the road.

Going to take a few weeks but it will be back​:grin::+1::+1: