Worn rocker arms

Hello, first post and as is often the case, a plea for help:scream:. I’ve got an ST4S and I’m changing the belts and setting the valve clearances. I’ve opened the valve covers and there is obvious scoring on 2 opener rockers. I’ve stopped at this point. I’ve searched for valve rockers and all I can find are 2nd hand rockers or companies from America who refurbish or have “super” rockers at $2000. This is my first Ducati and my first experience of this problem, although after reading numerous reviews I was sort of expecting it.( I still wanted one though:grinning:) Any recommendations or advice would be very welcome. Thanks.

Newman cams reface worn rockers by brazing on a Stelite pad, top quality job.
Here’s a link:- http://www.newman-cams.com/about/

Steve R

Thanks very much Steve.:+1:

Somebody on Facebook ducati buy sell and exchange selling some for £55 each

Thanks Martyn, I’ll check it out:+1:

Quick update. All the rockers have now been checked. a couple more dodgy ones were found. Thanks to Martyn748 I have manged to buy 3, but I’m still short a left hand opener. Also emailed Newman cams, waiting for a reply.

Great news, glad I could help :+1::+1:

Try phoning them I know it’s a bit old fashioned but it works for me when dealing with Newman’s.

Steve R

All sorted. Rockers are packed and ready to go. Thanks Mr_R :+1:

That’s absolutely fantastic, another back on the road.

Going to take a few weeks but it will be back​:grin::+1::+1:

Apologies for the delay in updating this topic. This will be a little long winded. First, I’d like to thank Mr_R and Martyn748 for their help in sourcing the parts I needed and I would highly recommend Newman cams for their work. I used L.T.Snyders maintenance book for all the settings. Due to being in lockdowns and restrictions of various types, still going to work and the fact I’d never seen a Ducati engine close up before, I decided not to rush into anything (understatement). Rockers were removed, ordered/sent off and all returned. So far, so good. While preparing to install the new parts, I managed to drop a valve into the cylinder. OK, I thought, deep breath. Just pull the head, it’s a pain but not the end of the world, cant go anywhere, anyway. Bought the tool and head gasket. Head stuck to cylinder. OK, what the hell, in for a penny. So after a bit of a think I decide to pull the other head and cylinder, give everything a clean and put it back together. Ordered all the gaskets. While waiting for them I cleaned everything, lapped the vales and replaced the rockers. That’s when I realised I didn’t have a piston ring compressor. Gotta love Ebay!! So from here on in, just the reverse of dismantling. I did have a little bit of a struggle getting the new belts over the rollers and my grandson wanted to know how many more times I was going to turn the engine over and check the marks before I was happy. So, all back together and ready to start up. Me, my son and my grandson all holding our breath with my thumb hovering over the button. Fired up first time but wouldn’t idle when it warmed up. Back to the book, reset the TPS and away we go. So far no leaks and nothing has fallen off. I’ve done about 300 miles on it and its not like any of the Japanese bikes I’ve owned. Thought I might have made a mistake at first, but I think I’m (re)learning how to ride it and I like it!! Straight through the MOT as well.! Once again a big thank you guys and hope to see you out there next year :+1:

Glad to hear, that would make a cracking article in the club magazine.

Thanks Martyn, you’re more than welcome to use it if you think it’s interesting enough. And I didn’t even mention the snapped exhaust stud or the wrestling match with the exhaust rocker springs until I slotted the blade of my old screwdriver :roll_eyes:. I only intended changing the belts and checking the valve clearances. I was quoted £500 as a basic price and thought that was a bit much but I can see where a chunk of the money would go in the time it takes to get to the parts that need changing/checking. I was fortunate in that I had time to plan things and buy what I needed as I went along. I have to say I enjoyed it. There was a bit of head scratching along with a lot of re-reading but I enjoyed it. I have some more photos of the top end in pieces if you think anyone would be interested in seeing them. :+1: