WPM 2009

Hello All

We have been invited to World Presidents meeting, by hook or by crook I plan to go, it is from the 21st September for a week, it involves various visits and tours this year in and arounf Bologna and ends with WSB at Imola.

Not a cheap holiday but fun, I have no costs as of yet but if there is anybody with holiday left then let me know.



Yes, I enjoyed going to the WP meetings, met and made many friends there …

OK, for two people it comes out at 1575 Euros, 700 for president and 875 for guest, ish with all the add ins, I propose to split this in half with guest as I do not feel it is right that I go cheaper !!!

Ian Rumbellow did want to come but he now cannot, a great shame, does anybody else fancy it ???

If not I will choose somebody to come with me if they want to of course.

Shame I’ll be on hols … :wink:

Me too !!!

Delighted to say that Ian will now be attending.


Sorry Martyn,

Much as I’d love to, family and work commitments will prevent me from attending. Thanks for the offer though. Another time maybe?


Did you ask our club Presidents if they’d like to attend? :laughing: