Year Books

Hello all, as per news section on home page of the website we can purchase Ducati yearbooks, they are not cheap but very collectible. Please let me know if anybody is interested in purchasing one, or two.

[size=150]How much are they Martyn?[/size]

It depends how many we order, all details are on website, link in news on the home page, from 45 euros.

There is interest for about four books, I am in the process if seeing what to do and how many to order.

Hi Martyn

Put me down for one please



We have four definitely sold now, I have all the details to place the order, do we want to carry on ??

Isn’t there a date limit for ordering?

There is no date stated on the release, I guess until they run out !!

Oh right, let’s hope there’s still some available! :slight_smile:

I have reserved 5 year books, of these two are spare, they are 30 euris each, we will sell them at cost plus postage, there may be a couple of pound on as we do not know fees for payment etc.

CoM decision on if we buy them, if they sell we can order another batch of 5, the discount for buying 10 in not much more, as per news section on front of website.

Martyn, do you want me to mention in Desmo that you have some year books available? Or are you hoping that they will sell before the publication date?

Yes, mention it no problem, we can get more, in batches of 5 though.

[size=150]I’ll have one please Martyn.[/size]

[size=150]Let me know when and I will send cheque.[/size]

That leaves one, soem event organsiers wnat them for prizes and reffles, thoughts CoM ??

There’s a lot of events that could do with the book as a prize - I’m looking for items to give out at Horsham Piazza Italia! A suggestion on facebook was to raffle the book, seems a good idea to me … :wink:

[size=150]That sounds ok to me as long as we raise enough money to cover the cost, which shouldn’t be hard.

By the way shouldn’t this be discuses in com area?


There is one left not spoken for, we can get some more, lets sell this one and do another order for the club events.

sounds good to me :wink:

We have ordered 5 to start, we are just awaiting delivery.

Year books have arrived, if you could send the payment to Clive and let me know where you want them posting to I can then get a postage cost, if you are at a DOC event soon then I can arrange to take them.