Yorkshire Monster

Hi All. Just taken delivery of my first Duc (Monster 796).

Now obsessed with the weather looking for a window of opportunity to reduce those running in miles. :smiley:

Anyone in Yorkshire fancy a blast out some time give me a shout.


[size=150]Welcome to the forum. You have a great bike there. I am a bit too far away to join you on a ride, but you will love it when the weather brightens up.[/size]

Hello there wildthing, welcome to the club, we do need a branch in Yorkshire don’t we?

We certainly do, come to Ducati Manchester this week end, we have your bikes older relatives there in a Monster week end.

Agree about a Yorkshire branch. Was there one before? What happened to it?

Pity, I can’t get over to Manchester this weekend - got other plans which is a shame I would have liked to go.

Yes, there used to be but things change and people don’t always have the time, shame about week end but we can meet soon.