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Hi There ,
I’m fairly new to the Ducati Family having owned a Multistrada 1200 s for over a year now . My problem relating to me is that I am a tad short in the leg department and am considering buying a 1100 evo Monster as a replacement . So has any one owned one or any thoughts on them , I did try a lower seat but found it to be a tad uncomfortable and thin . I have just taken out a 1200 monster today from my local dealer and di enjoy my time on it and being able to plant my feet when stopping .



It depends what you’re looking for other than saddle height. The current Ducati range, from the Scrambler (have you tried it?) upward, offers very different riding experiences.

You should try the Diavel. The seat height is low, it is very comfortable and although it looks like a cruiser it performs and handles like a sports bike.

Hiya ,
I have tried the Divael and it was alright but , not me to be honest … Thank you for your thoughts

Doesn’t the new 2015 Multi has an adjustable seat height, might be worth a try out?

Thanks for your thoughts Kevin , the reason I was asking as I have put a deposit down on a 2011 Monster Evo 1100 and just wanted some feed back on how the bike rides or if any one has had any issues with it . :wink:

Ah, sorry, didn’t read it properly.
One of my mates had an 1100 Evo last year for a few months, but couldn’t get on with it, he found the rear shock way to hard, even on the softest setting, although he is on the light side, which didn’t help, I found it OK at 16 stone.

You HAD read it properly Kevin; our friend had initially said he was ‘considering’ the Monster. Hence my equally ‘off the mark’ Scrambler suggestion.

Unless the Evo’s rear shock is full of electronic wizzardry Maxton can no doubt sort it out - although it won’t be cheap. I was fortunate enough to source a cheap Maxton rear shock for my 2003 Multistroodle and i’m in awe before its quality and the improvements it has brought.

16 stones. Surely not! :astonished:

Thank You for your input anyway peeps … Much appreciated .


                        Howard. :sunglasses: