Your Thoughts Please .

I have 1100 Evo for my sins. I have used it virtually every weekday as a commuter bike rain or shine since I purchased it sept 2014 and have nearly clocked up 3k miles. I love it but it is my first proper bike so cannot draw on years of experience with other makes. The only bad things I find is the short fuel range 100 miles, crap mirrors (but look nice). Low speed town riding is lumpy and awkward. The side stand holds the bike quite upright so be careful how you park it with the road camber. The rear shock is quite hard but I only really notice it at lower speeds. Main beam seems to light up the side of the road rather than ahead (if you do a lot of night riding may annoy) All that sounds quite bad when I read back what I just wrote. However get out on the open road and I find it very light and flickable and inspires confidence (Dunlop qualifier tyres). I love the engine noise - the pop and crackle on the overrun. The engine pull is phenomenal, and being a naked bike you get to certain speeds and the wind blast reminds you just how quick you are going, so curbs my desire to get anywhere too quickly, which I think is a good thing. I was looking at 796 monster, but after test riding both 796 & 1100, the evo was so much naughtier, plus has the addition of Abs & TC as standard. You don’t seem to see too many other 1100 evos on the road either. Let us know what you go for.

Hi There ,
This is what I really needed to see / hear all along .Thank you so much for your Honest opinions on the 1100 evo . I have to sell my multistrada first , that aside I have put a deposit on one ( 1100 evo ) and see what happens in the next 24 hours on mine . Thank you for input once again .