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Hi all … I’m Derek and I live in Essex with my 1993 750ss
Looking forward to getting out on those twisting Essex roads over the coming weeks and hope to see some of you out and about.

I have been riding for around 30 years with a gap of a few years recently and used to have classic japs…however after riding my first Ducati about 5 years ago I became totally hooked and now can’t see myself owning anything else !

I understand that this is not an unusual reaction :laughing:

Yes they do have this effect!
Welcome to the forum.

That would be my influence giving him a Ducati to ride every time he visited.

Not sure his wife has forgiven me for getting him back on bikes …

It was a team effort my friend…a pincer movement from which she had no escape :laughing:

Good work and welcome, there is now no going back, yes, we all stand and just stare at them !!!

The Ducati effect is well known on here.

Welcome to the afflicted, prepare to be mocked by those with similar problems.


… and hello from me, a Ducati owner / rider / enthusiast since 1974!

Thanks to you all… what a nice welcome. Hope to see some of you out and about over the coming months

hi, great choice of duke. the 750ss was my first and possible favorite.