COM meeting

I think it’s about time we had a COM meeting.
There are several issues we need to resolve before they become a major problem, such as:

What do we do for a Chairman?
How about a replacement Events Officer?
Other COM positions affected by Gaz’s resignation and known “retirements”. Do we need to prepare?
Regalia and use of logos.
Recruitment of disaffected DSC members (especially those with useful skills).

And probably two or three other things I forgot.

For sure we need a CoM meeting, Spaggy, I have been requesting a meeting for the past couple of months!
If Gaz has resigned, we need the vote for a new / interim Chairman, there’s far too many issues at stake for the club not to have a Chair. (I’ve been mentioning that also …)
I’ve also asked for the date of the next AGM - if I’m going to continue organising a dinner / dance to tie in with it and the NEC (discount tickets for those who want to attend both events if the dinner / dance date matches NEC) I will need to know asap …
We now have Laura Hartmann on board, she has taken over Commercial Advertising, so that’s one CoM post filled :slight_smile:
Desmo 180 is now being put together so any CoM news needs to be sent to me asap, otherwise the next issue (181) is December.

PS Also on the Agenda - my computer!! Not heard a word from the 3 Directors … :astonished:
It’s currently working on a temporary fix!

I sent you a mail on the 25th time 00:06

The only date I can only do is the 27th of September.

And we do have a lot to discuss.

Sorry, didn’t get that one Andrew, what was in your email?
Incidentally, you may have seen the email I sent you from my hotmail account from work - emails. Also, for the past 4 weeks I haven’t been able to read the emails on line whilst at work (maybe Spaggy can now sort that out?) so I have been right out of the loop.

27th September sounds fine, where? And we now have another CoM member in the sunny south - Laura Hartmann - so please remember to include her.

Any more news about the proposed meeting …??? ie where, when, Agenda, etc :slight_smile:

As far as I know it is in the same place as always, Museum in Birmingham and still on the 27th, I have heard no different.

Would be useful to know … especially as we have a new CoM member, Laura Hartmann, who still hasn’t been notified of the meeting (except by me!)
Surely it’s about time we had a new venue, there’s more CoM members in the south now.

Who’s available for which dates in October? I really think we ought to have a CoM meeting soon …

If we don’t have a committee meeting soon wont we be close to being in breach of our articles? It needs a date fixing and those who can attend will, those who can’t wont. It only requires a quorum and a meeting is well overdue.

As mentioned before, I have the 25th booked, otherwise all saturdays in October free. What dates are free for other CoM members?

Any for me except Stafford and how about, on the date in question find out who is coming along and what needs to be discussed and build a venue around that.

Sounds good to me. I am free all saturdays but Stafford weekend, I am even prepared to delay my holiday at the begining of November.

How about the 11th then? (I can try and sort a location if necessary)

If we can sort a date and location it will be up to each committee member to try and attend. If members are unable to attend so be it, and that applies to me too. A meeting is well overdue.

Let’s see if the rest of the CoM can make the 11th as that seems to be the nearest date the ‘interested’ people can attend.

11th sounds good, we need to see who is coming from where before we change the venue though, as has been said before add everybodys average journey and it is birmingham give or take 5 miles

Just what do you mean by ‘interested’ Jilly?
A strange choice of word, bearing in mind your attendance levels going back over the years.

And on a constitutional note who was consulted about co-opting a new member on to the COM?

Andrew, maybe you ought to look at all the CoM meetings I’ve attended over the 30+ years I’ve been involved with the club!!! By what I’ve seen, there seems to be little repsonse to those who want to attend a CoM meeting asap - you, Spaggy, Martyn, Frank, Guy, Laura and Bob Hartmann and myself.
As you may recall, some months ago I notified you that I was standing down from Advertising (I’ve only been doing it as a ‘filler’ until someone volunteered); Laura volunteered - so why not have her on board? Do you have a problem with that? Other people have been co-opted on to the CoM, surely we need all the help we can get?

I have no problem with Laura doing the role and if memory serves me right you would not divulge the identity of the ‘volunteer’ last time the topic arose.

I do have a problem with you riding rough shod over the constitution.

It’s well known that I have asked Bob to take over the secretary role, but I have not appointed him as his appointment needs to be ratified by the concensus of the COM.