DSC to fold?

Well we’ve all seen this sort of thing before…
But strong rumours are flying around the Ducati/Italian bike forums that the DSC is to fold after their coming trackday, which’s had to bailed out personally by someone after a cock up with it’s organisation.
Members have been unable to get funding for events and it’s said that the MT is no longer in existence.

Anybody know anything about this?

Steve R


Hi Keef,
I recognise 3 of those upstanding Ducati owners (One of them is me :astonished: ) but who was the 4th?
…and I’m not asking about the Jewish Nazi!
God I miss the V Twin at Shaftsbury and the fun we all used to have…
Now that’s how it should be done, not like Spaggy at this years TT who really let the club down by lowering the tone/being a complete lightweight…
I think that we let him off the hook a bit lightly this year mate, he was also at the pub that evening,
but failed to make the muster for the salute.
That’s twice shamed Spaggy, not mentioning the time that you and another senior club member ( Who shall remain nameless) asked a leading light/Senior female member of the Guzzi clubs committee to judge who’d got the best cock)…
Is there no end to how low Spaggy can sink the DOC GB’s reputation??

Steve R

P.S. I can get away with this as I know that Spaggy’s away in France this week.

Check this out it’s completely exploded over here…

italiansportingclub.co.uk/ca … html#78670

IMHO it’s time to open up the doors and welcome the Ducati owners from this fall out and maybe set up a ‘Sporting Section’, even if we charge an extra amount for this section for those who want trackdays etc.
We aren’t a club just for older models (and never have been) despite what some people might think of us, many of our clubs members attend trackdays etc and own very modern Ducati’s.
We can make this work as long as no Nazi’s try to take over the club, the last one who tried f’cked off and formed his own club…
Several years down the line he’s pissed off more Ducati owners than anyone could shake a big stick at!
Dare I ask if we could include in the club rules that we won’t accept any ginger twats with Facist tendencies, especially those with the initials CB.

Steve R

Steve R

My happy DSC memories…

I first heard of the DSC when my DOC membership was due, I received a renewal notice, and it was only when I went to write the cheque I realized it was for the DSC not the DOC. Turns out they had pinched all the membership details (along with the computer- allegedly) from the DOC and used them to start the DSC with this dodgy mail shot!

Then I expressed an interest in taking my single to the Moto Giro on a forum. The next thing I was pinged an e mail from CB telling me I had to book through him as he was the sole UK agent for the event, well me being me I contacted the organisers of the Moto Giro and they had never heard of him- imagine that!

I’ve so many happy memories, unfortunately some I can not tell for fear of embarrassing the unfortunate victims, but rest assured if I can help twist the knife I would be happy to oblige!

Steve - as far as I know CB would not be allowed to re-join the DOC GB!

Keef - CB and co didn’t keep the computer used for DOC GB membership, Linda and Derek Palmer returned the computer to me … but a week after the AGM, thus giving them time to copy all the details (even tho’ they said they hadn’t done so …)

…but we know they did!

exactly! :astonished:

This from the MCN forum.

Seems the annual 2 day track event due to be held 28/29th June was cancelled with less than a week to go with those already booked being told that there would be no refunds due to the club having no funds!

Winchester Ducati dealer Moto Rapido stepped in at the last minute to pay MSV for the Cadwell track with help from Ducati UK .

The 2 days are being heavily promoted by both MR and DUK to try to minimise any loss.

DSC members old and new are at a loss to know how the clubs substancial reserves have dwindled to next to nothing.

Ducati focused websites have many posts from disgruntled members both current and past

I should be jumping with glee, but I worry that our club may suffer by association? All that is needed to make it perfect is for the Police to get involved and I will break out the champers!

I doubt whether we will have any problems or suffer by association - most people / forums know the history of the Teflon Fuhrer and the DSC. However, I did see that the TF and his side-kick were part of the DOC GB London branch’s group taking part in the London New Years Day Parade.
The only way the police will get involved is if anyone signs the necessary paperwork (I’ve been talking to a chum who’s ex-Met). I have read all the evidence collated by one highly disgruntled ex-DSC member, it has statements from all ex-DSC members who were booted out of the DSC / banned from the track days … and it’s quite a chunky file!

Allegedly copied of course !!

We used to do track days but couldnot fill them, that is why Terry stopped being head of UKMOC, we would welcome a more sporting section, we need someone to do it, organise as many track days as we can fill, europe as well if we could fill them.

I think we have a good oppurtunity to welocme their members, no need to charge extra as anything should be self funding, the organisers I think would be happy to just get the money back they have spent on behalf of the club.

What was allegedly copied, Martyn? The file I read is the REAL one!
And welcome members of which club?

On this subject I just posted this on the Italian sportsbike forum. Just my opinion remember, and I’ve always had them as you know!


Just joined this excellent forum and have read this thread with some interest, now I must put my cards on the table and say i have been a member of the DOC for 20 odd years, so have whitnessed the attempted destruction of my club by that small group of people that started the DSC and have now caused this terrible situation for the good people who have joined and help run all sorts of fantastic events for the DSC.

Earlier in this thread I read this, “The DOC is in a different place to where most DSC members are and although a great club doesn’t really resonnate with the folk attracted to the DSC”

Well unkike the current managment of the DSC the DOC committee are not a dictatorship, and while I myself over the years have not always agreed with them, I have been free to say my piece without getting thrown out the club. On some of those occasions I have got my way and on others I have not, such is life in a democratic club.

What that means is, the DOC is just a name. in a democratic club it is the members that make the club what it is- it is the members that can change a club or add to it

The fact is that if those keen, friendly people in the DSC were to have been in the DOC over the past 10 years or so you would have been able to put on your track days and sporting club style events- indeed I would have loved this myself - yes the club would now be resonnating with the folk that were attracted to the DSC and the DOC would be a better place.

Why the hell have we allowed this stupid polarised situation to occur I often ask myself?

Well now is our chance to crack on, get together and form the best Ducati club in the world. Bit far fetched? I think not.

With the sound foundations and experience of the DOC that has been running since 1974 and the forward thinking of the many honest DSC volunteers their no reason why this could not happen.

Thanks for listening!

Well said, Keef.
Yes, we all know about your views, and very grateful for them too! It’s always good to have at least one person put their views forward, and, as you rightly point out, the DOC CoM take note, and not boot you out of the club :astonished: It’s a democratic club, open to owners and enthusiasts.
I also belong to the ISC forum, I’ve have met up with various old friends (there’s a few who used to belong to the DOC before the DSC started) and made new friends through the support from the guys and gals there with the Horsham Piazza Italia rally.
I also think it’s possible to have one club, it needs a few people to sit round a table and discuss all the relevant points.

I should not gloat but just read this…

“I recall with complete clarity a conversation Monty had with me at Dave Harris’ memorial trackday at Brands Hatch in 2006 when he asked me what evidence I had for believing that TF had been less than open with the club’s financial affairs and I told him what my investigations had shown the club accounts were in his name at the same banking branch as his business, that he was sole signatory and that the auditor David Bernie had repeatedly brought to the MT’s attention that the way the accounts were run was not good practice and he was unable to verify transactions as being in the interest of the club. Monty said is that all? I said yes - and his reply - ‘Well everything is well and truly buried now, we know that and no one will ever be able to find it.’ Aren’t you worried’ I asked. No says he - it’s his club after all. Make of that what you will however I had the same reaction from the PR Secretary and basically they closed ranks and protected TF. My view is they have a lot to answer for”

I’ll just copy that bit again…

“'Well everything is well and truly buried now, we know that and no one will ever be able to find it”

Here we go again youtube.com/watch?v=gb_qHP7VaZE ( I think I’ve trotted this link out years ago to no effect,but it still hangs true for me)

How many more clubs and splinter groups do we need?

It just makes us a laughing stock amongst the non Ducatisti.

What we really need is one UK club ( yes that includes Scotland who declared UDI a few years ago and Wales) with sufficient sections to cater for everyone’s taste and run with a portion of central funds distributed according to member preference.
Sections have to be able to be self sufficient when organising events rather than expecting central, to bail them out if they get over ambitious.

This would avoid a lot of the traditional squabbling that tends to happen with various sections jostling for power to achieve their own aims.

If all this can happen then the thorny issue of the ‘club’ magazine which is by far the biggest single expenditure, becomes less of an issue because the print volume would be much greater and the the advertising revenues correspondingly so, leaving more funds to actually stage events for the more active members

With a sufficiently large membership BDW becomes a starter as DUK don’t have to spread themselves too thinly.

I don’t know what the potential membership is for such a club but it’s sure as hell a lot bigger than what we have now. For a successful business model compare with the VMCC 16000 plus members, which could probably be a lot more if the buggers stopped falling off their perches!

So what’s the obstacle?

Only peoples ego’s and pride and self interest as far as I can see. The main players from all the clubs and forums need to get together, do what ever pinko re-conciliation / truth commission is required and then deliver a club,website and forum fit for all.

I’ll post this on all the forums I visit who knows common sense may prevail.

I’d suggest that you read all the comments / threads on this topic on the ISC forum …

I did, was there something I missed?

Sound like my kind of rally!!! :smiley: