Festival of 1000 bikes

I have the form from the VMCC to reserve space for the club at the above event, it is filled in and ready to post.

I am not sure what happened at the planning meeting at Kevin’s but would assume that the event may have been mentioned.

Is it the intention of the Club to have a stand at this event?

These are, I think, the important points from the notes that accompanied the form-

The stand in the avenue of clubs is free of charge and the stand is automatically entered in the best club stand competition.
Each club which takes free stand space (approx size 30ft W 20ft D) will be entitled to 13 wristbands &12 machine passes to the whole weekends events.
These passes are for your members to display their bikes on your stand but not ride in the track sessions. People booking track sessions receive their own wristbands and paddock passes. Extra wristbands and machine passes will be available to purchase from Feb 28th and be sent out with the final instructions in June.

Your club will be issued with a contractor pass/van pass for set up and break down.

Bikes displayed will automatically be entered into the 1000bikes machine concourse competition.

If you want to ride on the track you need to book that yourself through the vmcc.net/1000bikes web site.

The VMCC would be pleased to consider advertising the event in your club magazine and would welcome contact details/advertising rates to be submitted to Jo Dunhill at VMCCHQ or e-mail adverts@vmcc.net

Please let me know ASAP the CoM’s view on this and I will put the form in the post with my name as contact on it if you wish.
I will also put the details in the 2013 events section once your views are known
For more details have a look on the vmcc.net1000bikes web site.


We did have the CoM meet at our place back in Nov, only Martyn, Jilly, and Steve were able to attend though.

I went for the first time last year looks like quite a big event.

As far a I can remember we were in favour of doing this event so it’s OK with me.

Yes, it is in the events calendar to do, our online meets will start shortly, Steve and myself have a test planned then we will have an online meet every month.

I agree that the club should have a stand at the Festival of 1000 bikes, there’s been quite a few comments on the club’s facebook page about the club being at the event.

Have we had the Minutes of the last CoM meeting yet?

I would suggest that we have a skype test meeting with more than 2 people, just to make sure that everyone can cope with the way skype works for large groups.

Martyn shared the minutes on 27th November.

With regard to telephone conference type meet I have access to a professional teleconferencing system though work. I have scheduled a test call with Martyn for 14th Jan just to make sure everything owrks OK and then will schedule one with all COM members very shortly after.



[size=150]We should be there. As Jilly said there seems quite an interest on facebook page with members out on track.

What do I need to use this skype thingy?

Cheers Guy[/size]

Ah, yes, it all seems such a long time ago … it was last year!! :laughing: :laughing:
Must be time for the next meet?

I have started another topic re the telephone conferencing as it really has nothing to do specifically with the Festival of 1000 bikes.

The topic can be found here http://ducatiownersclubgb.com/2008forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=2145



I will post the form off then.

Jilly, hopefully the VMCC will advertise with us and offset some of the cost of the event!


yes, let’s hope so! No sign of an ad yet though …

Jilly, just to confirm, I have not contacted VMCC regarding advertising, I don’t know the rates etc.

Thanks, Colin, I’ll see if I still have the details from last year’s ad and contact them.

Contact details on the first post of this topic.

I have had confirmation from the VMCC that we have a stand space at this years event.
No details as yet.

That’s great news, Colin, let’s hope lots of club members want to be there on the stand :smiley:

I have received the passes for the event from the VMCC- 8 person, 7 bike and 1 van, so not quite as many as I was led to believe.
Extra passes are available at £30.00 each for the weekend, if we have more people wanting to display their bikes than I have free passes for is the club going to part fund the extra passes?
About half of what I have are already spoken for.

Hi Colin, has there been a budget allocated / agreed by the CoM for expenses for the event?
How many extra tickets are required? I’m sure that something can be sorted …

[size=150]£30! That sounds a lot. You can do a BSB weekend of racing for that. What is included for £30.
Don’t remember a budget being set but I did miss the com meet earlier in the year when events were discussed.[/size]

I can remember the event being agreed as one that the club would support - maybe if I can find the relevant Minutes that would help! Maybe Adie and Martyn have access to the Minutes?