Mailing list.... still operational?

Does anyone know if the mailing list is still operational, had a ‘test’ one from Keith the other day but nothing else for weeks, and I sent one this morning but it’s not appeared as yet?

Suggest you also email Keith (he runs the email list) besides phoning Spaggy.
I’ve sent emails to the list also, and not seen anything :frowning:

OK, it’s Mr. DimWit here, but can someone please explain …

There’s an e-mail list AND this Forum? How does that work, then? :confused:


Confused of … wherever I am …

In ‘Desmo’ 180 there’s a mention on page 32 of the club email list, this has been in operation for several years (if not longer!) and you’ll find all sorts of info / threads on there. The list has a fair percentage of the membership on it, last I heard it was about 40%

So, you have the choice of a magazine, forum, and email list for communcation, can’t be bad, eh??? :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. This sounds like what I tried and failed to join in 2003! I can remember e-mailing as instructed, but don’t think I ever got a response.

Will have to try again. Haven’t got a copy of Desmo here, so will e-mail and see what transpires this time …



I’ve emailed Keith (and Keith) a few times lately to no avail. No reply at all. Anybody live near him to see if the milk is being taken in?


Me too, Bob - 28 October. No reply …

Guess the e-mail list is dead … or just very exclusive (no riff raff, trainers or bevel owners?)


Apparently, it’s ‘being worked on’ :slight_smile: I did send a test message yesterday, but it’s not appeared yet :confused:

Being a member of the ‘Riff Raff’ end of society , a Bevel owner twice over and sitting here wearing trainers…
I suppose that’s why the E-mail list has been passing me by of late.

Gaz B has gone awol , the club sec’ has resigned to set his up own business, (Good luck Andy) the E-mail list appears to have died a death, the SW (Plymouth) branch is a branch in name only, the Cornwall branch is a good hours ride away from me and the forum has been very quite of late.
Is it time for me to set up/launch ???

Steve R Southern version

Or the Peoples Popular Front of Ducati (SW Branch)?

Splitter!! :smiley:

Too late for the start of ‘Ducatis in my shed’, slimline Steve :slight_smile: it’s already started

When did the Club sec resign? News to me … :open_mouth: but then, I suppose it’s the mushroon syndrome :wink:

Well did I gat an answer, err…no?
I’ve sent a mail to join / re-join the mailing list, but still nothing, be it dead or alive mateys? there anybody out there, just nod if you can hear me…is there anyone at home? :unamused:

still waiting for an update myself, Kevin … :frowning:

Hi Jilly,
I read that Andrew had taken over Mdina Italia’s spares business and resigned the Sec’s job.
I can’t remember where I saw it though, it was around the time of the Dales Dash.

Steve R

Hi Slimline Steve,
Thanks for the info. I heard through the grapevine that Andrew had taken over Mdina Italia’s spares but don’t think the resignation was sent out to the CoM though :frowning: or if it was, I must have missed it. Ho hum …


I knew of Andrew’s new business venture but had no idea he had resigned. Good job that being on the CoM means that you have your finger on the pulse :unamused:


The question has to be asked with Jonesy gettin this job,
do we get discount on the spares ??? :wink: :wink: :wink:
The Wirral a great place to live.


I bloody hope so, in almost 30 years my relationship with John had got to the point where he would
send me whatever I wanted along with a fair/blo*dy good discount and an invoice, to be paid at my convenience, also loaning me special parts so that I could get them copied.
Johnny had been a customer of mine looong before he set up Mdina’s.
Now Andrew has taken over and I’m back to square one!

Steve R The slimline one!

PS 14 Stone at the official Doctors weigh-in tonight, down from 16 stone 8lbs and the cholesterol levels etc are now well inside the National average…
Apparently I’m still overweight according to the goverments BMI guidelines by 6kgs, at this point I told the Quack to get real!
I’m nearly 52 years old, 6ft tall and fairly broad and my days of being sub 13 Stone are long gone!
The quack agreed but said “Carry on the good work and come back in 3 months and we’ll have you being able to wear your thermals under your race leathers”…
So that’s my next target.
Although as a treat for doing sooo well Ness has prepared me a Lobster supper tonight!
My 1st treat in over 3 months. :smiley:

Well Done mate… eh youve got a good one in Ness does she have any sisters ??? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
The Wirral a great place to live