Mailing list.... still operational?

HEY! I just saw that about bevel owners!

Did you hear I’m going to let Sammy Miller have another go on that bike? He’s going to lead us in the London New Years Parade. If he makes a break for the Serpentine we’re going to head him off…


I want an email list back! There are only 126 registered users for the Forum. All well and good, but it’s a multi-step process to get inside and rummage around. That’s different from email.

As a ‘push’ medium, email is how I shove news into the inboxes of our branch members. They might try to ignore me but they cannot hide, muwahahah. Email has its place as a vital communication tool. Do you know how bloody hard it was to organise riders for the London Parade without it? I will say that we got entrants from open Forums such as and, um, another one. They aren’t as exclusive as ours, so we need an email list to supplement our Forum.

I’d heard something about us looking for new email list software. Is that re-inventing wheels or is it a question of having to transfer exisiting email user addresses? Keith is not responding to, er, emails. Can someone tell me why we don’t just use tried-and-true, universal email hosting sites such as Yahoo or Would love to know what’s going on, rant, rant, nag.


I would like the email list resurrected too - there were over 400 subscribers at the last count, and it was so easy to contact members - especially for events. The list was one of the first items put in place for members to communicate, and ‘well done’ to Keith Ringle for setting it up. I have emailed Keith about it, and will pass on any response … :slight_smile:

I’m a member of a couple of e mail lists, one for sidecars and the other for my other er hobby, both are Yahoo lists and both excellent, and of course you do not have to be a computer genious to set one up using this route… :exclamation: :question:

Regrettably the E-mail list is now a goner.
Some changes were made at server level to try to reduce the volume of spam traffic on email addresses, but this caused other problems elsewhere. As a result the email list stopped functioning properly. When the spam issue was sorted by removing the offending program it also took the E-mail list with it and the program on which it ran does not work with the latest versions of Microsoft’s servers, so there were several “catch 22” situations. EFfectively, the E-mail list became the sacrificial lamb because it was the element we could afford to lose while keeping everything else going.
Sorry but a lot of effort was expended trying to salvage it to no avail.

That’s really sad news about the email list :frowning:

Pity, it did seeme to get more people involved than this forum…

… and a lot easier to use :slight_smile:

Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody: I received test emails from the list at 1:52, 2:19 and 2:31 this morning. Woohoo! :stuck_out_tongue:

I replied with gusto. Please reply to to see what happens.


Too late… I’ve had some mails and replied, keep it to yourselves though, careless talk etc…:wink:

I’ve started an Oil thread, to kick things off nicely!!! :astonished:


Woha it’s not quite there yet…
Which address should we use?
This one works, messages go and appear back at my end:
This one doesn’t, messages go but don’t appear:

Well I tried to, but the e mail did not get through, and yes I tried the e mail address as well! :frowning:

address should be

Then can someone please explain to me why when I use the new addy my posts disappear into the ether?
But when I use the old supposedly defunct addy I get the “Your post has been posted Blah, Blah, Blah”

I’ve followed the instructions given by Keith, but it’s just not happening??
After a flourish of activity it’s all gone very quite, shortly after Keith threw his teddy out of the pram, when Kev Baker and maybe one or two others pondered why we (The Club) didn’t use Yahoo Lists or something similar…

Steve R Southern version somewhat confused by all of this so far?

I’m not sure if Keith received the message below which I send to the list on Wednesday, as you say the list isn’t working as yet but just if case it dissapeared into the ether, here is my sort of appology for appearing to be a moaning git!..I’m not honest :wink:

I’m sorry Keith.
I wasn’t complaining, or criticising, about the list, I can see how much work you’ve put in the last few days, I was just agreeing with David about using a Yahoo group, not a better solution (as I think we would all need to use a Yahoo address for it to work), just easier perhaps?
And no your right, no one did do anything about reinstating a mailing list over the last year or so, I certainly didn’t think of setting up a Yahoo group to replace the DOC mailing list, but if I had of thought of it, I don’t think it would have been my ‘place’ to do it not being a member of the committee.
But that aside I do think it might save you a lot of grief?
Hope that makes sense?
Kevin Baker.

Makes sense to me, Kevin, FWIW. I’m farther up the list here suggesting Yahoo or micapeak but have since realised that in the former you would need a yahoo-derived addy. The latter would mean getting all and sundry to shift to a service they, in the main, hadn’t seen before.

As Spaggy explained to me there are advantages, despite software challenges, to resurrecting the original list format; existing list members for a start. Nor did it occur to me to start up a list without having been a CoM member, although I’m not shy.

Agree it’s excellent to see Keith and Spaggy’s efforts to revive the email list. It’s a great asset that differentiates us from the virtual forum-based and other competing clubs. When they get it operational again I think it’s incumbent on all of us to lend support and recommend to all members that they take advantage. I see very good signs of the Club sorting out some nagging technical issues, largely due to the Membership efforts made by Martyn and Frank, and the email list’s reappearance ought to be a key component to continued success.

Besides, I need it to encourage members to participate in this year’s Horsham Piazza Italia!! They can’t get away from their inboxes!

Regards, Bob

Right I’m a complete internet ‘Numpty’ but I know that we’ve got an AOL account, that said Mrs R/Ness has managed to get me on the Yahoo 851/888 list which now E-Mails me updates of that lists activity on a daily basis…
Does this meen that she’s set up a Yahoo account and if so why don’t they bill me for it’s use?
If I’m not being billed because it’s free, then why the FCUK aren’t we using it?
It seems to work very well IMO.

Steve R Southern version even more confused. :confused:

I’m on several yahoo lists, using my normal tinyworld account!

I also sent a message defending our Kev, saying I read his message as trying to help, but it mysteriously did not appear, which is somthing that has regularly occured over the history of the list.

I even set up a yahoo lisy for someone else and I too am a computer numpty, it works really well, always has, but I did not offer to do the same for the DOC for fear of upsetting those who have worked very hard on their own list (I really can’t be bothered with poitics these days) , for which I thank them.

Personally I find a good e mail list very usefull, but if it is not reliable their is no point…

…pride before a fall and all that! :ugeek: