New Rally to replace the Merlin

Good day one and all
I have received the following e-mail from Kevin, as you can see he and his fellow club members fill like taking on the job of organizing a new Rally to replace the Long standing Merlin Rally, He has put forward the dates of the 7th- 8th & 9th of May 2010.
So put these dates in your diary for next year and keep an eye on the forum for more details.
I for one wish the all the best and will try and help them all I can, also if I am not working I will do my best to be there.

Hello Fred.

I’m one of the West Mids rep (along with Richard Curzon) we have been thinking of putting on a West Midlands Rally to replace the Merlin next year, probably the same weekend but this depends on venues etc.

We are going to see one place on Thursday night halfway between Bridgnorth & Kidderminster,

I’ll let you know how we get on, and there is another place I like the look of near Craven Arms.

Just though we’d better let you know, any thoughts on the dates?


Kevin Baker

07971 972866

01384 868844

If the date can be changed as it clashes with the Thundersprint, if not then do not worry.

Will the ‘replacement’ rally be an ‘official’ DOC GB Rally then? :confused:

Yes as far as we’re concerned it will be an ‘official DOCGB’ rally, that’s the idea

That’s excellent news, Kevin, as the Merlin rally wasn’t - it was only supported by the club.

Well… at the moment we are thinking of using the same dates that the Merlin has ‘used’ for the last few years, which is the weekend after the Mayday weekend.
The problem is, if we make it earlier in April, it’s too cold, a couple of weeks later it’s the TT (not sure how many folks do both though?) July & August (school hols) are out as it’s main holiday period and nobody want us on their already busy sites, and the Southern rally’s in September.
June might be possible?..we’ll have a look…?

Good luck with sorting the dates - there’s the Sammy Miller day usually in June (the club had a good turn out there this year). I’m sure there’s other weekends in May apart from the Thundersprint one - or maybe combine the events?

Hi Kev,
Stick with the original (after the 1st year*) Merlin dates, the Rally always had a good turn out of around the 100 mark, changing it to possibly attract some members would IMHO probabaly be a disaster…
You could end up with a very small Rally if you do.
If it ain’t broke (the Merlin dates) then don’t EVER try to fix it.
I did 7 of the 10 Merlins, I’d have done 9 but for my return to the TT pilgramage over the last couple of years, (it was a lack of cash that stopped me attending both) the reason was that the Merlin dates clashed with very little that the hardend DOC Rally goer would attend, if you move it to June you’ll be up shit street trust me on this mate. :wink:
Others who’ve put their 2p in didn’t attend the Rally anywhere near as often as me and the other regulars, dare I say I’m sure they won’t even if you move the dates…

The 1st Merlin was held in early April and it was F**ing cold, the campers inc’ me almost froze the regalia stall sold out of wooly hats!
So Tony and Paul armed with this feedback moved it a month later, it’s been a success ever since!

Steve R

Well put, Steve R!

Whot ho Steve.
I think your right, probably stick to the same dates, there’s sooooo many things to do, not enough weekends & not enough money, spoke to the bloke at the site near Brignorth today, seems on side and interested so it looks like it’ll be there all being well and as long as he doesn’t want a fortune, could you try to drag your sorry ass out of the Peoples Republic Kernow for it please? :smiley:

well the site seems very nice in the severn valley next to the river, and nearby is the severn valley railway which can be caught into bridgnorth for a wander about or even a little drinky. the pub has a resturant an a massive bbq which im led to believe can be organised for the rally.
also had thought about approaching ducati wolverhampton to see if they would like to show off a couple of demo bikes there.
just an idea, ive got to go there and fetch some bits for the ss :unamused: so can ask when there, not far from them either.

That’s a great idea about getting Ducati Wolverhampton involved - the Merlin rally was so called as Merlin Ducati helped Paul and Tony get the rally up and running in the first place.

Hi Kev,
My sorry Kernow arse will be at your Rally, short of yet another child down 'ere at ‘Chez Robins’…
But Nessie has said that I can go to next years TT with 'Spaggies Port Erin crew, as long as I can afford it? …
It’s going to be a looong hard summer for me!

Steve R

It would be nice if you could, congratulations on the addition as well, your Nessie’s a star!

No Kev,
Nessie’s not ‘With Child’ again just yet, but you never know!
We might get a fit young lodger some day. :laughing: and she’s still well within her child bearing years after all.
For me these days it’s just a matter of a lack of cash and my idea of being poor is a loooong way off of some of the more well off club members!

As I said before I’ll do my level best to get to your Rally chap.

Steve R

Please do not throw anything at me but, if it is in May, it is an official Rally what about …having the AGM there Sat afternoon after rideout, it will stop a day being needed to get to Birmingham and save money on hiring a room and may, just may get people there !!!

Just a thought peeps.

To me that is a good idea Martyn, then I can tell the wife I am going to the A.G.M and the Rally is just an extra bit of the weekend, Book me a room with a large bed. :wink:

Hi Kev,

Good to hear that someone is trying to pick up the baton on this one. If you need any help, advice, guidance etc. then please feel free to give me a shout. I’m sure that Tony, Sian and Paul would be only too pleased to offer you advice and assistance too. Are we likely to see the new, improved, slimline Mr. R at the Southern this year?


Hi Chris,

I’d love to make it but it doesn’t look likely…
After the TT, then buying a set of Ohlin’s forks for my 851 on my return, I’ve maxxed out my overdraught.

Also Nessie’s got a pre-op appointment for early August to have her Ankle fused, so she may well be off her feet at the time of the Southern Rally, she’s going to be in plaster for at least 3 months.
I may have to take unpaid leave to look after her and our little girls.
I suggested taking the kids with us in the car with me driving. :open_mouth:
But she said her days of camping whilst in plaster are now long gone.
She spent 3 YEARS in plaster and then in an external fixator after the accident, that all but smashed her foot off of her left leg 13 years ago, during this time she’d often attend bike rallies.
But she’s a bit older now and all those years of constant pain have worn the poor girl down.

Steve R

Ouch! I didn’t know that mate, sounds proper nasty. I’ll tell you what though, they breed 'em tough down Kernow way. As a possible alternative I’m working on doing another rideout/barbie/p**s-up :unamused: type thing similar to the one I held a couple of years back. I was rather hoping that you’d be available for that. I’ll give you a shout when I’ve firmed up the dates etc.