Next CoM Meeting

Hello All,

To keep our schedule we’ll be needing a CoM Meeting in December. That’s a tough month but let’s give it a go. According to prior agreement this meeting should be up north. Before arbitrarily setting a date (19-20th) or a place (Manchester Christmas Fayres) I’ll ask for availability, please!!

Laura and I were thinking about flying up because it’s only double the cost of petrol, but if anyone from the south would like a lift we can carry four more in the car!

See you soon!

Good idea Bob, if people plan to stay we can get a gathering and make a night of it somewhere. Alternatively in Midlands again, maybe at somebody’s house to save money on room hire.

Have posted reply on email list … As mentioned a few months ago, all my weekends in December are already booked. Please let me know what date the meeting will be, and I’ll get a ‘Desmo’ report to you.

Following on to Graham’s suggestion a while ago, I’ll have a ‘Desmo’ production meeting here in January 2010 (same as the one this year, but - hopefully - without the problems of installing the new computer!

All weekends in January are free!

P.S. Please can I have a copy of the Agenda of the forthcoming Meeting, and Minutes of the past two CoM meetings? Thanks.

[size=150]I can’t do the 20th but could do 19th depending on location. (getting there and back in a day!)

See you soon, Guy.[/size]

Can’t do the weekend of 12th (In Bologna), but all others are free

Why don’t we do a pub late lunch in Manchester on the 19th of December to get it done and out of the way? Who’d like to suggest a venue?


I am afraid Manchester is to far for me to do in a day!
340 miles each way, I don’t think so!

If we get date first, 19th December is fine for me, how late, is anybody thinking of staying over. I may though have to work until 4pm.

19th is good for me. If we go for the Midlands option I’m happy to host it at my house in Northmpton, otherwise I’ll come to Manchester.

Happy to do a Desmo meeting in January as well.

That’s great that you are able to do a Desmo meeting, Graham :slight_smile: What date suits you ?
Anyone else interested / available for the Desmo one?

Let’s get this CoM Meeting nailed down, please. So far I think Martyn and Paul are available for Manchester (as we try to rotate meetings) on 19 December - but maybe some others are waiting for a specific date to be announced before they volunteer (or not) their availability.

This collaborative approach isn’t working too well - least of all among the Northerners it’s meant to appease.

I’ve suggested the 19th in Manchester. That’s not working too well. December is a tough month. I know it’s a distance for some of us - we’re going to fly up if it happens. Let’s face it, attendance at these meetings is not much to ask but is of pleasant importance.

The Forum is here so we can talk among ourselves. If I don’t have enough of a response from you grown ups by TUESDAY (not you, Jilly - we know) then I’ll call December a failure. You know who you are.

If that does become the case then I suggest we move the CoM Meeting to Graham’s house to coincide with the DESMO Meeting in January. Sorry, Graham!


glad to see everyone in Jan if that’s better

Incidentally, I sent an email regarding ‘domain names’ to all the Club Officials on the 18th. So far, I’ve only had replies from Martyn, Chris, Spaggy and Colin - would be great to get a reply from the rest of the CoM about this topic. :slight_smile:

I am sorry to say that most of Dec will be out for me, this is due to Mum being 80 on the 12th - work on the weekend of the 19th & 20th now, then it is Christmas.
The thing is and some may say that I am thinking only of my self here, but I am doing the work roster next weekend for the first six months of 2010, so if the meeting is going to take place in Jan & I know by then I can do the roster so that I woukd be free to attend.


December 19th is out for me, probably one of my busiest day for christmas tree sales, sorry.
Can see no problem with a meeeting in Jan, just set a date and place.

Re meeting in January - 9th and 10th are now out for me. Will the Desmo meeting be held at my place? Or Graham’s? I should be off the medication and ok to drive more than 15 miles by the New Year, so Graham’s would be an acceptable distance :slight_smile:

As said,the only weekend in December I cannot make is the 12th. As for the domain names I cannot down load the messages re this so cannot reply.

Frank - are you able to check your messages on-line? If not, I’ll send the email to you via here

The 19th is OK by me but the Midlands is also ok December or January, no need to have it North if people cannot make it. Unfortunately the party idea did not work out.