Welcome kits

The welcome kits arrived this morning, I am going to post one to gauge cost, they contain, t shirt, bag, helmet or other stuff, patch, pin badge and plastic membership card. Not bad really.

wow - a helmet??? that’s good value then :wink:

Excellent. Look forward to getting it.

Helmet bag of course, one box missing !! Will be with me this week I hope.

:laughing: :laughing:

How many have you got to send out? It’s not really fair of Ducati to put the cost of sending them out to the owners clubs.

exactly! That was my argument regarding the 2000+ we had to send out years ago. In the end, D UK paid for the postage

It was not too bad when it was just stickers patch and pin badge, as Jilly says they first have to be matched up with addresses, I am going to have to get one posted then everybody will have to send stamps then I will put them in and post them on, I attend a few branch meets so not all will need posting.

Hi Martyn

I cannot post you stamps as Manx ones are not valid in UK. If you post mine and then let me know cost I will send a cheque.



We are just working out what to do with this at the moment, and we can do anything until Ducati get the DOC part of the website working again, it’s been down for about 2 weeks now.
Sizing of the T shirts is going to be a problem as we had to guess sizes when we added people on… :neutral_face:

How do I qualify for a kit?

Why not take some to Stafford so that they can be collected rather than post them. If you also take a member list they can be checked off so that they are not duplicated.

Good idea! And take some to other events too

Course, that is the easiest way to do it, one box of ours with the wrong club !! Should be with me soon …

I wonder which club and what the contents of the box were …

i can pick mine up whenever, stafford or if im at an event your at. no rush.

I have just done a deal with my local Post Office, the welcome kit will fit through the small package window with a little persuasion !! All I need is two first class stamps and it can wing it’s way to you, address would be good but I can get that off the system.

I await the influx !!

I cannot buy UK stamps to send to you as they are not sold here on the Isle of Man. Can you post to me and I will give you the money next time I see you?

If people are going to send you 2 x first class stamps, surely they could add their address for you? :wink:

Yes, course I can Steve